Afghanistan in a crisis!

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As the days go by, it is becoming more and more difficult for the Taliban to gain recognition. Terrorist attacks and militant activities are on the rise across the country, raising concerns. The Muslim countries are angry.

On the other hand, they are angry with the West for not giving women their rights. The United Nations has also expressed new concerns. In this situation, the general public has become confident of the extreme power crisis, increase in the prices of food and daily necessities.

Afghanistan has seen more than a hundred deaths in attacks on two Shiite mosques on Saturday. In this situation, the question has arisen about the security of the Shia community in the country. The Taliban are worried about this. Because the countries of the Muslim world are angry about the issue.

Abdul Ghaffar Mohammadi, commander of Kandahar province, said those involved in the mosque attack would be found and brought to justice. We haven’t caught anyone yet, but we’ve identified them via CCTV. I will be able to report something positive quickly.

Apart from Western countries, the United Nations is also angry with the Taliban for not giving women education and job opportunities. There is great uncertainty about the recognition of the Taliban government. Although the United Nations has expressed hope, the Taliban will emphasize women’s education and gender equality. And the crisis will be over soon.

Another headache for Westerners is that those who acted as interpreters for the US-led coalition’s counter-terrorism operation in Afghanistan are on the Taliban’s hit list. Though they have been told to forgive, the search is going on quite vigorously.

Amidst all these concerns, another crisis in Afghanistan is the economic downturn. Commodity prices are skyrocketing. The crisis is compounded by the fact that the United States is withholding money from Afghans. On the other hand, the power crisis has reached a climax. Normal activities are being disrupted due to the lack of electricity in big cities.

In addition, the number of asylum seekers on the streets has increased as the rate of extreme poverty continues to rise. These homeless people are living under the open sky. Their suffering will increase in the coming winter.

Pakistan has closed its western border for more than two weeks due to a crisis with the Taliban. This has increased the crowd on both sides of the border. Those who wanted to go to Pakistan could not. There has also been a humanitarian crisis.

Selling a baby girl to provide food in Afghanistan

Source: Google

Foreign funding has been cut off since the Taliban came to power in the country. The Afghan economy is on the brink of disaster.

The BBC’s Yogita Limia travels to a village outside Herat. He talked to a mother there. He sold his baby girl for five hundred dollars to pay for the children’s food.

An unknown person bought the baby from him. He bought the girl to marry his son because he wanted to raise her. But no truth was found in his motive.

The mother told the BBC that her children were dying of hunger. My daughter had to sell the baby. Why can’t my chest be torn because I sold him? She is my daughter. No mother wants to sell her daughter.

As the humanitarian crisis approaches in Afghanistan, many families are selling their children in the name of marriage. Families are being forced to make such heartbreaking decisions because of hunger.

Mohammad Naeem Nizam, a human rights activist in Badghis, said the number of families selling children was increasing day by day. Due to lack of food, lack of work, families feel that there is no other way but to do this work.

The father of the sold child earns by collecting garbage. He is currently struggling to make ends meet. That is why they had no option but to sell the girl.

“We are hungry,” he said. Now we have no flour or oil. There is nothing to eat at home. My daughter has no idea about the future. We know nothing about his feelings.

Afghanistan is in the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world. The United Nations has issued a stern warning that millions of people could die if emergency aid does not reach the country.




Life is a feature that separates bodily entities from biological processes such as signaling and self-sustaining processes.

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Life is a feature that separates bodily entities from biological processes such as signaling and self-sustaining processes.

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