Ways To Make Life Easier: Exclude 8 Things Now!

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If we want to know how to make life easier, we need to know the unnecessary things in life. There are so many things in our lives that don’t really matter. But we waste a lot of our precious time and energy by thinking that they are very important. This article addresses some of the issues that may seem urgent and necessary in general, but you are hurting yourself by spending time behind them, as well as harming your work and the people around you unknowingly.

Our life is a wonderful gift from God. But many people do not find the true beauty of life. There is no point in wasting precious time in life worrying about what has not yet happened. Spending a precious moment in the will of others is tantamount to disrespecting the value of life.

Life is a reflection of your desires and decisions. Every step you take, every decision shapes life. Which direction the path of life will take depends on your path.

For a beautiful life, you have to take calculated risks instead of unnecessary risks. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You have a right to your own life and that of those who truly love you.

Your life is based on your own happiness, sorrow, philosophy, and work. At the end of the day, what you have done for yourself, for the people you love, and for your Creator — that is the true meaning of life.

These are the last words for every human being towards the end of life. But we spend time, talent, and thought on many more unnecessary, worthless things and objects in our lives and forget the real beauty of life.

As a result, real life is no longer lived. Self-set goals are not fulfilled, people do not spend time properly. To stand before the Creator is like a criminal.

But with a little effort, we can truly enjoy life by avoiding those unnecessary, harmful, worthless things. Excessive attention to emotions and extra thinking about everything make life complicated.

The selfishness of life is to be able to get rid of this complication and make life truly enjoyable.

Let’s take a look at 7 things that complicate our lives, but have no real value in life. The way to make life easier is to eliminate the things that complicate life.

1. Fear and dread

When a person spends his days in fear, he must understand that he is not really alive. What others have said or thought about you — To be afraid of all this means to look down on life.

If you continue to fear what others will think of you, then you are saying that you are abusing yourself. Doing injustice to one’s own happiness and peace. You need to be happy for yourself and the people around you. You can never be completely happy if you live in fear.

As you may have noticed, rats or similarly weak animals hide in holes during the day. They have this habit because of their weakness.

They know that if they go around in public, they can become easy prey for anyone at any time. The life of every creature in the world is bound by the laws of nature. Only man has been given the power by the Creator to come out of the bondage of that law and live as he pleases.

A perfect human life can only be enjoyed by a person when he can overcome all fears and anxieties and live as he pleases. God has given you the power to do as you please. Use this power, do what feels good to you, let others do the same — see, life seems so much easier.

2. Doubt and anger

Doubt and anger destroy the peace of mind — nothing else. Especially when we hold a grudge against someone just because of our own ideas and suspicions — then the peace of mind is completely lost.

Most of the time these ideas are absurd. But by keeping these ideas in mind, we make our own lives miserable. Suspicion will absorb joy and peace from your life like a leech.

If you feel that someone you know is doing something bad behind your back, which can have a bad effect on you, it is better to talk directly than to be angry with him. In this way, the unreasonable thoughts of the mind will be removed and you will be freed from spending day after day in discomfort.

3. Stay upset

It is unjust to be upset about anything for too long. You have to remember that each of us has a very limited life. Every moment of life must be put to meaningful use.

If you are upset about something, know that if you are upset, the problem will not be solved. Doing so only wastes some precious time from your life. So try to enjoy every moment. In addition to bad things, good things happen in our lives.

Hopefully, the bad situation will turn for the better at any time. Try to stay cheerful at all times. Stay close to those with whom you have a good time. Stay away from people who cause you mental distress. Life is one, and life is yours. If you spend a single moment of your life unnecessarily upset, the loss at the end of the day is yours.

4. Regret the past

The biggest limitation of a man except death is that man cannot change his past. Just as it is frustrating to think about this, it is also possible to be optimistic.

You may have done something in the past that you regret now, but this regret does not bring any solution. It is just a waste of the present time.

It has an adverse effect on your mind and work, ruining your future. Now think for yourself, which one will you focus on? Your past, which you can never change; Or the present and the future — which you can build as you wish? — If you can forget the past failures or sorrows and use the present properly — then you can build a simple life and a beautiful future.

5. To complain

One of the most unique gifts God has given to man is the ability to do as he pleases; What is called “Free Will” in English means that a person can decide for himself how to live his life. Can decide on his own.

A tiger cannot eat anything but meat. Cows and goats cannot eat meat. If you want a fish, you can’t walk around the store for a while.

Although man is physically limited, he has conquered the sky with the infinite power of his brain. And because of this power, it is not possible to keep people captive to any natural law.

But without using this unique power given by the Creator, we often put the blame for our own situation or failure on others. When we are in a bad situation, we do not take responsibility for it ourselves and complain about other people or the environment.

In doing so, we waste our potential. But if instead we look at ourselves, and try to overcome our shortcomings by stopping blaming others, we can make the impossible possible by our willpower.

So, if life is to be fully utilized, the best way is to focus on self-improvement without wasting time complaining unnecessarily. Whenever you take responsibility for your life, the process of making life easier for yourself and the people around you will begin.

6. To harbor hatred

Every human being has emotions and feelings. Without these, we might not be able to become ‘humans’. Another thing that our people have done is the tendency to make mistakes.

As mentioned earlier, in many cases man is not bound by the laws of nature. He can make his own decisions, work, choose the path of life. And these freedoms often lead people astray.

Many times these mistakes cause us to hate others. We carry a lot of hatred all our lives.

Hate is a poison that seeks the destruction of others, but we do not realize it, we ourselves continue to perish as a result.

Many times we live with a strong hatred towards a person, a tribe, or a nation with whom we may never meet directly in life. They are like them, but in the middle, we burn ourselves in the fire of hatred.

A lot of times a man realizes his own mistakes but we can’t stop hating him. In doing so, we inflict immense damage.

The Godfather movie has a famous dialogue: “Never hate your enemies, it affects your judgment” — then it turns out that even if we hate the enemy, it does not work our common sense, so we often do not make the right decision. Our lives became miserable.

So if someone misunderstands him, we should forgive him. We should not spend our days hating someone whom we cannot reach. Instead, we should focus on the betterment and peace of ourselves and the people around us. All the great men who have come to earth to this day have told us to choose the path of peace. Because these great people understand very well, hatred can only destroy a person and his surroundings.

The results of hatred are never good. There is no need to harbor hatred for justice, whoever commits a crime, justice will be his. Today or tomorrow. So the only way to live a fulfilling life is to keep busy with your own life instead of hurting yourself by harboring hatred.

7. Staying negative and frustrated

Life is a ‘one-time offer’ — and we need to use this offer wisely. Because, if you use something for a good deed, its result is as good — if you use a bad deed, its result is always bad.

Just as the result of good thinking is good, the result of bad thinking is also bad.

Philosopher Benjamin Disraeli says, “A person’s thoughts shape his life.”

If you assume before the exam that you will fail, then the chances of you passing are lost. On the other hand, if you hope that you will do well in exams, then the urge will come from within you to study and practice.

Our thoughts determine the speed and direction of our work. If we think that we will succeed in any aspect of life — this is the thought that takes us so far.

Belief in yourself and hope for the future is the key to moving forward in life. Every moment of life is beautiful and enjoyable for positive thinking, believing, and optimistic people. Every moment he learns something new, he moves forward towards a better future.

On the other hand, if a person has negative thoughts in his mind all the time. When he looks ahead and sees or does not want to see any light of hope, he slowly becomes confused. Life became an understanding to him. Such people either take life too seriously or too easily. This cannot be done if you want true success and peace in life.

The potential for success lies in the midst of every failure or bad situation. So stay optimistic at all times, stay positive. Then your life will be guided in the same way.

8. Seeing everything complicated

As I have said before, the way we look at the situation will have the same effect.

When the fruit falls from the tree, you can cry for the tree, but you can be happy thinking that you will be able to eat the fruit again. But nothing comes of the tree. When the fruit ripens, it will fall.

We often complicate things by thinking too much about simple things. There is a word to say Closure in English. Straight in Bengali which means “solution”. If you miss someone, call them, or try to contact them in some other way. Try to understand directly what it means to miss you.

Without it, if you try to convey this to someone in different shapes, it may be the opposite. And spending time on these thoughts is a waste of time.

If you want to sell something to someone, say that directly. Yes, no, there will be an answer. No — you may feel bad, but the matter will come to a close.

This will give you time to figure out how to make a yes or no or understand what is good and what is bad. But complicating things like this will waste time and peace — that’s normal.

Instead of wasting time thinking about what others are thinking and thinking and not putting yourself in the middle of complications, you should talk about yourself. Then direct the question to what you want to know. It will make life easier.




Life is a feature that separates bodily entities from biological processes such as signaling and self-sustaining processes.

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Life is a feature that separates bodily entities from biological processes such as signaling and self-sustaining processes.

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